Set up the Complex Working Environment

A messy work environment saps creativity, focus and energy. It’s not enough to keep the physical workspace uncluttered and organized. People also need a mental framework that can help them to concentrate. Without such a mental framework goals will be unattainable.

If you’re struggling to find a mess of cables, papers, and coffee spills in your office, it will be difficult to locate items than if they were all organized and easily accessible. The Japanese concept of Kaizen, translated into English as “sustain,” is the solution. It’s a five-step process that includes Sort, Set in order Shine, Standardize, and Set in order. The first three steps require regular cleaning, tidying and organizing of the workspace. The final step involves setting up procedures to consistently complete the first three steps and to keep the workspace spotless efficient, productive, as well as effective.

The most effective leaders realize that no organization is able to satisfy all the expectations of its employees However, they are aware of the dominant currents that influence the workplace, work habits, dress codes and also the underlying assumptions. They strive to transcend these currents. These are the organizations that welcome the IT guy wearing sandals and shorts or the buttoned-down financial services company that welcomes employees who wear jeans to work.