A Board Meeting is a yearly or bi-annual gathering when a company’s board directors reviews the company’s previous performance and engages in strategic discussion and approves plans of action that support the expansion of the business. The board of directors reviews the financial reports, human resources and management in order to decide the direction in which the company will expand.

The agenda is created before the board meeting so that there is an informed discussion of key issues and a clear timeline for each item. A boardroom solution such as Lifesize’s OnBoard ensures that discussions are focused, efficient and maximize the time spent on each discussion.

Start with the most important items first boarddeluxe.com and then proceed to the less important items and work your way backwards. This will help prevent participants from being overwhelmed by long reports and routine items which don’t add much to the conversation. Ideally, most of the meeting should be dedicated to defining strategies and discussing ways to move forward.

After the board has made a decision on a course of action, it is time to vote. This is done through a secret ballot with a chairman monitoring the voting process and tallying the votes. It is important to have a neutral person monitor the voting process for transparency and impartiality. It is also beneficial to have an independent board member who’s not associated with your business.